Our Strategy

Golden Saint Resources has a two part strategy to establish the Company as a diamond and gold producer in Sierra Leone. Firstly to identify gold and diamond assets on its Exploration Licence areas; and secondly to generate near-term revenue through export of diamonds and gold.

The Group has acquired three Exploration Licences in Sierra Leone on which exploration activities have been conducted to date. Along with the appointment of Rock Forage, as the Group’s exploration consultant, the focus of the operations is to conduct more effective bulk sampling programmes for the areas of key interest. With the guidance of Rock Forage, the Group hopes to increase the diamond and gold recovery rates. The Board hopes to be able to recover diamonds and gold regularly to achieve a self-sustaining exploration programme.

The Group has carried out bulk sampling programmes in selected areas in Baja and Tongo and intends to begin bulk sampling operations along the Moa River in 2016. Soil testing and mapping operations will continue on all the areas.

As the bulk sampling programmes progress, the Group intends to eventually reduce the licenced area for more effective management of resources. The Group continues to build on its relationships with the local communities, and will focus on the exploration programme and priority in employing locals in all the areas of operations where possible.


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