Our Strategy

Golden Saint Resources has a two part strategy to establish the Company as a diamond and gold producer in Sierra Leone. Firstly to identify gold and diamond assets on all of the Exploration Licence areas; and secondly to generate near-term revenue through export of diamonds and gold.

The Group has acquired three Exploration Licences in Sierra Leone on which limited exploration activities have been conducted to date. For the first 12 months following Admission the Group intends to concentrate its efforts on detailed data sampling and interrogation of the Exploration Licence areas. Activities will include GIS software/high resolution satellite imagery, airborne magnetic surveys, mobilisation of airborne contractors, interpretation of geological data, desk-top studies, geological mapping and logistics, geochemical sampling, sample processing, bulk sampling of alluvial targets and upgrading access roads in preparation for further exploration and mining activities.

During the second year following Admission the Group hopes to be in a position to commence drilling and constructing camps in strategic locations within the Exploration Licence areas. The Directors are however cognisant that the actual exploration programme will be finalised once the data analysis and survey works have been completed.

In addition throughout the 24 month period following Admission the Group intends to build on its relationships with the local communities. To this effect the Group has informal agreements with local alluvial miners which move between the Exploration Licence areas, whereby the Group is given first refusal on any diamonds which they find. The Group has provided the alluvial miners with hand water pumps which the alluvial miners move between locations to assist them in the sifting of gravel. The Directors believe that these agreements will benefit the Company and also the local communities where alluvial mining is an important source of employment.

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